Which License Is Right For You?

Which License Works For You?

Getting the right license is straightforward and ensures you are licensed to use our music with no additional costs or public performance fines from your local performing royalty society.

As always, if you have any questions we will be pleased to advise you.

Royalty Free Therapy & Wellbeing License

This license provides an individual (not a company) with a license to use the music for one to one healing and therapy, home listening and within classes of up to 25 individuals (for example yoga and meditation classes). No additional public performing licenses are required to use this music in this way.

This license is not for businesses with multiple therapists / healers / teachers. Please see the Royalty Free Public License for businesses with more than one therapist and for use in backgrounds in stores.

Royalty Free Production Music License

This license is for use with our music as background music for your multimedia project. So this license is perfect for purchasing music with no additional royalties due on your own sales of guided meditation CDs, DVDs and audio downloads.

Other examples include educational multimedia projects, films and documentaries and affirmation audios. One license covers you for up to 5000 units sold or given away or downloaded.

When you reach this volume simply purchase a second license to ensure you are not due royalty fines from performing royalty societies. This license does not allow you to resell our music as it is, but specifically for a background to your own audio or visual project.

Royalty Free In-Store & Public Music License

This license provides you with the ability to use our music in a public place. So this license will give you the ability to use the music with no additional performing royalty fees due within a restaurant, a store and shop, a cafe, a waiting room and hotel. In fact any public place.

If you have multiple sites then we can offer wholesale discounts as well as rental license models depending on the size and number of your locations. Please ensure you do not mix royalty free and non royalty free music as you will still be due a performing royalty fee.

Royalty Free Website / YouTube License

This license allows you to use our music in the background of your website or other web project. This does not allow you to offer a free music download for your customers ( see the royalty free production music license for download projects).

Royalty Free Music On Hold License

This license covers you for using our music for call waiting systems in private telephone systems. The license covers a single organization for use with one telephony system.

Discounts for multiple sites and wholesale licenses are available on request.

Royalty Free Complimentary Music

This license allows you to use our music as a complimentary product to your own product or service. This means that you can offer our music as a download or on your own produced CD as a freebee, giveaway to compliment your own product or service.

This license is priced to reflect the earning that the artist would gain from sales of their own music so the price reflects this but taking note of the wholesale situation and that you take the full costs of sale.

This license does not allow you to sell our music directly but indirectly as part of your own sale or service as described above. This license covers you for up to 5000 units downloaded or given away.

Ambient Music Garden will be closing down soon.

Ambient Music Garden has had a good run but it will soon be time to take a different path based on the success of Ambient Music Garden. If you have registered and your email is up to date I will be in touch to give you news of how the new service will help you more to connect with your clients.

Artists please use the email listed on the Contact Us page to mail if you have any questions but rest assured you will be kept in the loop with opportunities moving forward

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