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We will endevour to respond to your message within 24 hours of receiving it with an acknowledgement or a full response during the working week.

Customer Help Section:

Missing your email copy of your link and license? 9 times out of ten you will find this in your junk / spam folder, please take a quick look now.

service support


Today: no reported or noted problems. If you experience any problems we would appreciate you letting us know via our Contact Us page at the top of the page. Thank you.

Please check through the popular questions below before contacting us. As much as we are always pleased to hear from customers we dont want you waiting around for our responses and hope we can answer your questions sooner.

Amkbient Music Garden is a 5 day a week business but we are not (yet) 24 hours a day so you may have to wait a while, but rest assured your messages get our highest priority.

Q: I Can't see the Sample Play button/images so cant listen to the music!!

You should be able to see something like this to play the music (this is an image only by the way, it won't actually play but is here for illustration purposes):

service support

If you cant see an image like this on the top page or under the ambient music categories you need to go to the Flash upgrade site to upgrade your existing Flash plug-in in your current browser. It takes only a few minutes with no messy rebooting required.

Click here to get the latest plug-in and you will be back here in no time.

Customers using Freemail accounts please read!!

We constantly have problems where customers with free mail accounts such as hotmail and yahoo mail us for support but dont recieve our responses or do not receive the sales and download link files. This is normally due to your account settings sending our messages to your junk or spam files. Please check all your folders for our mails and reset your account so our mails stay in your inbox.

Playing Ambient Music Garden music, the file format is not recognised, help!!!

Some of Ambient Music Garden music is saved with increased compression (zipped). We do this because of the large size of our high quality recordings so it makes it easier and quicker for you to download it. If our songs are zipped they will have ".zip" at the end of the file name that you download although your computer may be set up not to show you this. Zipped files will not play until you have unzipped them. This is simply done either via a program you already have or one that is easily available and very popular on the Internet today. Either use an uncompressor that unzips your file such as WinZip or DropStuff or right click the file and choose the unzip option which will then create a new file that is the mp3 that can be played on any mp3 player.

If you are a novice to the Internet and dont have this program please be reassured that it will be a very useful program to have for other reasons you may come across in the future such as sending pictures to family across the Internet for example.

If you have tried to unzip the file and it says it can not unzip it, or it says it is corrupted, please try to download the song again as sometimes the Internet can insert glitches into downloads that mean the file is not perfect.

If you have run out of download time (we normally provide a full 24 hours to download your music for security purposes) please dont worry, please use the Contact Us page to request more time and we will be happy to extend the download period so you can download your song again.

Failing all this, please use the Contact Us page to say you have checked all the obvious above problems and need help. We will arrange to get your song to you as a matter of urgency.

As always please be sure that your mail system is not filtering out messages from us at otherwise we can not reply to you (you might even think we are being rude which certainly is not the case!! )

Q: I'm having trouble login in / registering or purchasing?

A: Sorry to hear that. We have put together a page that covers some of the most common issues with regards to Antivirus settings on PCs.There are many common questions answered in this page and the sale support page which may help you, however, please use the Contact Us page if still in doubt and we will get back to you pronto. However, read on for more suggestions:

If you are within a country that Ambient Music Garden markets to your login or purchasing problem may be because you have norton internet security or equivalent installed and setup incorrectly. are committed to the highest levels of consumer protection. However, the technology we use to create your shopping bag (cookies, javascript, etc), can sometimes be misclassified by your security software as a threat. do not employ any technology that can harm your computer. If you experience difficulties adding items to your shopping bag or using our checkout, please adjust your security settings (see below).

In Internet Explorer, setting the privacy setting (under Tools > Internet Options... > Security) to "Very High" or "Highest" prevents you from adding items to your shopping bag. The highest setting you can shop with is "Medium." Nearly all e-commerce sites require cookies to be set like this to function correctly.

If you wish to know how to change the security settings to a medium level so you can continue shopping with us you will need to enable cookies and JavaScript.

How to Enable Cookies and JavaScript in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 6.0 or above (PC)


1. Select "Internet Options" from the "Tools" menu in your browser.

2. Click the "Privacy" tab

3. Slide the slider bar to "Medium" (the third option from the bottom).

4. Click "Apply".

5. Click "OK" to close "Internet Options".

6. Close and reopen all of your web browsers.

Modify your security/firewall/anti-virus software settings

Security/firewall/anti-virus software can sometimes affect how browsers handle cookies. Please make sure you have cookies enabled in your software, or add "" (the servers that handle our e-commerce) to your "safe list" of sites.


Zone Alarm

1. In Zone Alarm, select Privacy.

2. Under Cookie Control, click Custom

3. In Custom Privacy Settings:

4. Uncheck the box that says "Block session cookies"

5. Uncheck the box that says "Block persistent cookies"

6. Uncheck the box that says "Remove private header information".

7. Uncheck the box that says "Expire Cookies"

8. Click OK.

Norton Personal Firewall

1. Double click on the Norton Personal Firewall icon in the tray.

2. Click on the Open option in the pop-up menu.

3. Click the Options icon in the Norton SystemWorks menu box.

4. Click on the Personal Firewall option in the Options menu box.

5. Click the Advanced Options button at the bottom of the Norton Personal Firewall Options menu box to retrieve the default settings menu box.

6. Make sure you are in the "Web" tab. There may be several domains already listed in this area.

7. Click on the Add Site button at the bottom of the Web defaults window.

8. You will need to enter as a new default. This should active the default rules section of that window.

9. Make sure the Cookies and Referer (under Browsing Privacy) are set to permit as a default rule for the www.Ambient Music domain.

10. Click OK, then click OK again

McAfee internet security

1. Right-click the red "M" icon by your system clock.

2. Click "Privacy Service."

3. Click "Options."

4. The McAfee Privacy Service window appears. Click the "Cookies" tab.

5. Enter each website address from which you would like to allow cookies.

6. Click "Add."

7. Once completed, close the window.

If you still have problems then please use the Contact Us form to call us and we will do as much as we can to help you. The Contact Us form emails us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Due to the nature of our work Ambient Music Garden people are out in the wilds sometimes videoing new movies so please be patent. Thank you.

Q: How do I contact you?

A: Please fill in the Contact Form and we will be emailed. Ambient Music Garden use this route to avoid advertising my email address to spammers. We will then email you back and we can converse with e-mail (at least!).

Q: How does your site work?

A: The site is financed by the purchasing of the digital products. You will find new items coming available in the existing and new music catalogue areas.

Q: I am worried about using my credit card on the Internet.

A: Ambient Music Garden uses PayPal as it is simple, secure and safe.Ambient Music Garden does not at any time see your credit card information by using PayPal . This means that you know the only place your card details are at any time, is at PayPal. PayPal is owned by Ebay who know a thing or two about fraud :O). Therefore we do not hold any sensitive data on our site about your credit card information.

PayPal is a good resource for information on safely buying over the Internet. Please check out : for more information.

Ambient Music Garden currently do not offer any other means of purchasing. Rest assured, PayPal is used by more or less every one who lives on this planet and possibly a few on a number of others too :O).

Q: Why can I not see your graphics on some pages. some pages are blank?

A: you will need to tell your firewall to add my site as a safe place to visit or turn off any pop up protections. Go into my Norton/ Options/ Internet security/ Advanced Options/ Web/ Add site/>Permit: Browser/ Referrer/ Email and leave Cookies Blocked and it works. If it still does not work, then don't block cookies. Or for Zone alarm users go into Zone Alarm and change the privacy setting to Off for all three/ Cookie Control/Ad Blocking/ Mobile Code Control and bingo all fixed.

Also with the Eolas vs Microsoft case, Microsoft have chosen to make changes to their Internet Explorer Browser on the PC. This means that some Flash (swf files) content might not be viewable unless you press a 'play' button associated with the content, which can be quite annoying but has been overcome by coders with alternative ways of delivering Flash from web sites and is included within each Flash related Ambient Music Garden product pack.

This site has been configured to avoid this problem, however if you do see this issue on this site, please contact me and I will look into it.

Q: I am getting the following error when I press the return button to your site from PayPal

"Access denied !

You are not allowed to access that resource!

Error ID: 59"


We have made hundreds of test purchases whilst configuring and making sure the site works for the best customer experience possible. However (!!) we do seem to have an infrequent glitch that tells the occasional customer that they can not access the center part of the home page when they return to the site.

The part of the page you are not seeing is a message that confirms your order. It replicates what you will receive in an email so you are not missing any information.

We are working with our software support team to work out this problem and expect to have it resolved with the next release of the shop cart software. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please check your email now to see your receipt and download instructions.

Download Errors

If your computer crashes or you lose connection during your download you can retry by returning to the link given to you when you purchased your product. You have a maximum of 24 hours to make your download. If you have any other problems please contact us using the Contact Us pag

File Sharing

File sharing is crippling the music industry. Please do not file share any product you download from Ambient Music Garden. If artists are no longer able to earn a living from making the music you enjoy they will stop and everyone will lose out. Our music and visual products are competitively priced and are affordable to everyone who really need them either themselves of via a practicing therapist. We would like you to share the link to our site so your friends can set up their own account and begin supporting their favorite artists themselves.

service support

Q: I still have more questions

If you still have problems then please use the Contact Us form to call us and we will do as much as we can to help you. The Contact Us form emails us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Due to the nature of our work Ambient Music Garden people are out and about as well as in the studio with their heads down. Thank you.

Ambient Music Garden will be closing down soon.

Ambient Music Garden has had a good run but it will soon be time to take a different path based on the success of Ambient Music Garden. If you have registered and your email is up to date I will be in touch to give you news of how the new service will help you more to connect with your clients.

Artists please use the email listed on the Contact Us page to mail if you have any questions but rest assured you will be kept in the loop with opportunities moving forward

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