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Q: What formats can I get your music in?

A: Ambient Music Garden offer music mainly in WAV & MP3 format. Other formats may be available from each artist upon request under the Royalty-Free Production Music License.

Q: What is the quality of the mp3 format you use for the songs I will buy, and is this the same as the quality I hear when I listen to the samples?

Each sample for previewing each piece of music is reduced in quality to speed up the loading of multiple samples on the same page. We use a standard bit rate of 128kb/s to enable you to hear the quality of our artists' recordings. We feel it is important to you to hear a long piece (around a minute) at this quality level for you to fully appreciate the music you are listening to. This quality can be noticably lower quality on a CD player but not usually noticable using PC or Mac standard speakers.

All music is sold as an mp3 at quality: either 190kb/s or 320kb/s encoding and Joint Stereo. Please check the quality offered at other sites, you may find the recordings are less than half the quality of this. So when you purchase your piece of music you will be able to hear a higher quality from your stereo CD player or iPod / mp3 player.

We have a sample piece of 320kb/s available to illustrate the quality of this higher quality mp3 format . If you go to the Free Download section there is a sample that can be downloaded using the same process by which we arrange for our purchased songs to be downloaded, except of course, its free.

Ambient Music Garden's music and recordings are great for home and therapy use as well as listening in groups for larger settings such as meeting places. This quality is also perfect for Powerpoint presentations, music on hold, retail, resturants and galleries as well as websites.

I am in the Eurpean Union, will I be taxed for VAT?

Ambient Music Garden is a trading name for Kesseny ltd. Kesseny ltd is VAT registered in the UK so that it can get all VAT on equipment and operating expenses returned. This means that our costs and therefore our prices are lower. As a VAT registered company, VAT is chargable on products sold to customers in the UK and comsumers in the EU.

Since Ambient Music Garden sells to businesses the shop is configured to charge VAT to UK customers whether they are businesses or consumers whilst EU customers are not charged VAT automatically. If you are an EU business you deal with the VAT in your own country. If you are an EU but non UK consumer who is looking to purchase Ambient Music Garden products please contact us using the Contact Us form.

If you live in any other part of the world that Ambient Music Garden does business with then you will not be charged EU VAT as long as your account details list you as not living in the EU.

Q: How do I get the products I have purchased?

Once you have chosen your product or products you will be put through to PayPal which provides you with a secure way to transfer the funds for the product.

Once your amount has been confirmed by my payment system you will receive an email giving you a link to where you can download the items including a password which will make the item(s) available for a period of time (24 hours from the time of purchase). Some customers require an echeck from PayPal (due to a number of possible reasons including customers using paypall accounts that are not verified. These sales may take around 3 -5 more days to clear the funds therefore your download will not be instant and will be availabe when the funds have been cleared.

Q: Can I purchase from your store if I am outside the USA?

A: Yes, we market globally although we try to avoid some areas where there is a high risk of hacking. Rest assured, since we screen particular regions from seeing Ambient Music Garden yet you have got to read this page you can continue to browse, buy and download music with no problem.

Card, Identity & Online Fraud: worried about using your credit card on the Internet?

Card and Identity Fraud start at home with careful management and disposal of your receipts for example. The world of fraud is a global market today and so individuals and organisations have to continually keep vigilant for any fraud.

Online fraud, taking an individual's card details either via hacking an ecommerce web site or tricking an individual out of their account details is common today unfortunately.

This is why Ambient Music Garden partners with PayPal who are an organisation that are at the forefront of online security. Ambient Music Garden use PayPal in a particular way that means we never see or process your card details which means fraudsters will not be able to get to your card via any purchase you do on our website.

Your account only records your purchase and login history for your own use and our statistical use.

If you have any questions regarding this we would be pleased to hear from you via our Contact Us form at the top of the page.

Please make sure you purchase from us using a secure computer that does not make a copy of your PayPal account details. When you login to PayPal your login details can sometimes be stored on your local computer. We do not see this ourselves but you might want to restrict the risk that others that use that same computer could also make purchases via PayPal using your locally stored PayPal account details.

Final Note: although there are many scare stories in the press about the statistical chance of being the victim of fraud, it is not a statistical 'chance' related issue. By simply being careful about how you buy over the Internet and care off the Internet as described above you will not be part of these statistics ever.

If you have any questions about our market reach please use the Contact Us page to ask more.

Ambient Music Garden will be closing down soon.

Ambient Music Garden has had a good run but it will soon be time to take a different path based on the success of Ambient Music Garden. If you have registered and your email is up to date I will be in touch to give you news of how the new service will help you more to connect with your clients.

Artists please use the email listed on the Contact Us page to mail if you have any questions but rest assured you will be kept in the loop with opportunities moving forward

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