What Is Royalty Free Music?

What is Royalty Free Music?

Royalty Free Music is music offered for use without the professional user needing to pay additional costs for using the music within their own line of work, just the initial purchase price. Music you hear on the radio costs the radio stations for each broadcast. Music you hear within a film production has to be purchased specifically for film making. Music played in the background of shops and galleries requires additional costs to cover performance royalties.

However Ambient Music Garden's music is royalty free so you can play our music within your theraputic sessions or at home for relaxing without being charged any additional costs (under our Standard License) or using our Production Music License you can go further.

If you choose the Production Music License you are purchasing the right to use our instrumental music for background music for DVDs and Audio CDs that you are producing, for music on hold and for background music in websites. This enables you to use our music to enhance your own productions such as guided meditations that you sell as a healer to your clients.

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Our music is not licensed for resale so you can not put our tracks on a CD and resell them. However, if you want to create complimentary CDs for your business using our pieces then please contact us for a price.

Each piece of Ambient Music Garden's music is licensed to an individual for their use within their own business or for personal use. A different agreement is required where the piece of music is going to be used with large audiences or for large health organisations. This agreement is included within the terms and conditions of sale.

Musicians are protected by international treaties that enable them to collect money from users of their work. Please choose the right license that will legally cover you for using our music in your business.

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Ambient Music Garden will be closing down soon.

Ambient Music Garden has had a good run but it will soon be time to take a different path based on the success of Ambient Music Garden. If you have registered and your email is up to date I will be in touch to give you news of how the new service will help you more to connect with your clients.

Artists please use the email listed on the Contact Us page to mail if you have any questions but rest assured you will be kept in the loop with opportunities moving forward

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