Kevin Hall

Kevin Hall

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The road was quite a long one for Hall. He started taking piano lessons when he was still in elementary school, neither liking or disliking the idea of music. It wasn't until his high school years where he began to become involved with band, choir, and jazz. Upon high school graduation, he attended Moody Bible Institute in Chicago for two years."I applied to be a composition major at Moody. On the first day, after playing my music for the head of the department, he shook his head and said, 'This isn't music.' It was really quite a wake-up call. Those two years I was so torn - do I continue to study and write music just for the church, or do I expand my horizons and pursue something bigger."

Hall left Moody and later attended Musictech (now McNally-Smith), a small music school in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He became the first Bachelor's program graduate of the school, majoring in keyboard, and established himself as an eclectic artist, as his senior recital ranged from classical to punk songs, to a homemade arrangement of the masterpiece, "Rhapsody in Blue" by Gershwin.

Suffice it to say, upon graduation in 2006, Kevin denied the plausible to pursue a career of musical freedom. "I've played with bands ever since my freshman year in high school. As great as it can be when everyone has their own voice, not everyone has the same vision." He left brief stints with Twin Cities locals The Rending, Annie Leigh, and Heidi Holt to pursue his lifelong dream. During the transformation, he has seen songs signed to various music libraries, commercials, and on NBC, SyFy, FX, and ABCFamily. "If I could do anything, it would be to teach others the wonder of music, while maintaining a further love for musical production and art. If God has truly gifted me with this, He would not want me to hold back, but rather give all I have." When he is not teaching, he is either creating another curious concoction in his studio, or performing.

Kevin uses the following products: Cubase, Pro Tools, Reaper; Reason 4.0 (and refills); Yamaha Motif; UAD plug-ins; numerous other VST, VSTi, musical instruments.

Kevin Hall

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Title: Kevin Hall Collection One [42 m: 58 s]
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Artist: Kevin Hall
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