P1: Make Your Own Guided Meditation CD

How To Create Your Own Guided Meditation CD On A Budget

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A series of articles giving an introduction to creating your own product CD and demistifying the technical challenges for the newbie.


This series of articles runs through the basics of creating your own guided meditation so you can give or sell it as a CD or as an MP3 for download from your website by using legally sourced and licsense royalty free music that requires no additional mechanical or performing royalties on use or as part of the sale. Music that is copyrighted by the musician yet is offered under license for this use is readily available at both Ambient Music Garden and Background Music Library today for instant download.

By partnering with a royalty free music publisher and gaining the right license you will be able to sell your audio therapy with a musical background that compliments your voice.

However, creating a quality audio production requires an understanding of how to record and edit audio, which is quite technical. Alternatively by hiring the skills of a sound engineer and studio time brings the risk of investing money into a project up front which may take a long time and many sales before any profit is seen.

Why Create A CD or MP3 for Guided Meditation?

Many therapists and healers are now creating CDs to either sell or compliment their existing services. By producing a CD or audio file to download from the web, for example a guided meditation you can not only grow your earnings but also gain new clients. Giving a CD away free, or a free download is a great way to attract new clients to your therapeutic abilities. Given away at exhibitions and shows, online at your website and also as a 'new client pack' or valued client gift as part of a subscription enhances the value you provide to your clients.

Produce Your Own Guided Meditation Recordings, AND on a reasonable budget?

OK, I am done with linking websites in this article, lets get on with the what, why and how of creating your own guided meditation.

As much as many who will advise you on creating your own guided meditation will suggest big budgets with studio time are required, by doing so you will see it becomes less realistic. However, by focusing on a simple starter project, no studio time and humble objectives your first of many guided meditations can become a great direct or indirect money maker.

Software to record and edit music is freely available and starts at 'free'. The most expensive piece of equipment, considering as part of this article series you are choosing ready made royalty free background music, will be the microphone for recording your voice. Even that can be borrowed or hired so as that great overused saying goes, where there is a will, there is (most certainly) a way.

Hang On, What Is A Guided Meditation Anyway?

Are we jumping ahead here? too keen to get stuck in? It might be worth checking this one out first since it may be a new area for you. So, quite simply, a guided meditation is a meditation experience whereby the meditator is guided througout a session by another person. In this way, the person giving the guided meditation can literally guide you through a dreamy relaxing experience.

Preparation like many things challenging reaps rewards when in the thick of it. First take a step back and be sure you understand the logic for what you are trying to achieve. As yourself what are your motivations for wanting to create an audio file commercially. Are you planning to offer a voice over audio recording to enable you to sell yourself multiple times whilst still offering one to one or group services? Or is the CD audio file there to compliment your existing service and thus add value and increase customer satisfaction? Being clear now will help to guide you with the direction of every step in ways you donít understand right now.

Part two of this series goes deeper into defining your guided meditation as a product and based on that, working out a script for your guided meditation. Once you know this, you can make a better decision on equipment needed and the music required.

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