Other Great Music + Production Sources

Other Great Music + Production Sources

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Royalty Free Background Music
Royalty Free Background Music for hotels, retail, restaurants, gyms and spas. Music for TV & Film.

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Ambient Music Garden will be closing down soon.

Ambient Music Garden has had a good run but it will soon be time to take a different path based on the success of Ambient Music Garden. If you have registered and your email is up to date I will be in touch to give you news of how the new service will help you more to connect with your clients.

Artists please use the email listed on the Contact Us page to mail if you have any questions but rest assured you will be kept in the loop with opportunities moving forward

background music for massage spas, beauty salons, gyms, fitness and meditation for business

Melody Pods

Background music for massage and meditation, for spas, beauty salons. Relaxation music for cafes, restaurants and hotels. In store music for retail and leisure.

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