New Music & Artists For Autumn 2011

Posted: November 2011 in New Royalty Free Music & New Artists

Well its been a long year with loads happening here. I wonder where to start with such a lot of great new music coming on board.

Firstly I would like to list some of the guys coming on board but make you aware we have more artists who arent as well matched to what we do here at Ambient Music Garden. So they are announced at our sister site: .

First off:

Harry Henshaw brings us some very popular relaxation tracks along with affirmation mixes as well. I am really pleased and excited about getting some affirmation tracks at last. Its been on the list to do for a long time.

Chris Breemer provides us with our introduction into classical piano music. Chris’s tracks are live recordings of the classics and we are very proud to have Chris’s library here. He is a prolific and very gifted pianist.

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