New License For Binaural Backgrounds Resell

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Have you ever fancied adding a background tone to a fully completed music composition and production and reselling it?

Well it seems quite a popular idea. Whilst a binaural tone isn’t going to add any creative addition to the foreground of a track there is increasingly a demand for tracks licensed to allow the license holder to resell the track with the subtle background relaxation tone added.

So we’ve decided to add this to the rights of the Accompaniment license that is available on selected tracks in our library.

So this allows you to resell/give away one of our selected tracks for up to 1,000 times with a binaural tone added. No where else will you see this license and we may not continue after a trial period so please get your license now before it is discontinued.

All selected track is for this license are located at:

If you want a ready made binaural track we can produce one to your requirements at:

Whilst we also have a range of tracks ready to download here for business use (not resell) at:

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New Accompaniment License

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Ambient Music Garden is now offering a new license for musicians looking for a ready-made composition and recorded production for use in their own creations.

Whilst each artist offering this license will retain the copyright to their composition they are offering, under this license the right for you use their composition with your own added accompaniment and resell or give away as part of your promotional or small business ventures.

Giving the rights for a composition to be resold is quite unique in the music market and especially at the very competitive rates we offer here at Ambient Music Garden.

Each license gives you the right to use the song in one of your own remixes for up to 1,000 resell/give away units with no additional mechanical royalties to pay.

So, in collaboration with Ambient Music Garden you can soon be selling your own productions online and promoting your music services such as your live event services such as hotel or restaurant live piano backgrounds or reselling CDs or mp3 files from your own relaxation website.

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Need A Song Cleared For Use?

Posted: February 2014 in Music Articles
Getting music cleared for use is complex

Getting music cleared for use can be complex.

At Ambient Music Garden all our music is pre-cleared for the uses specified in the drop down license menu for each track. This may differ slightly between tracks due to different needs with some artist’s music catalogues but essentially they are all the same and if you don’t see what you want, please give us a shout.

But what about if you find a piece of music online somewhere and you simply need to have it?

Well, you are going to need to get permission to use a track. You may want the recording itself, which is likely to be owned possibly the artist or the record label if the artist has a traditional recording contract. If you want the composition (if you want to create your own recording of the song) you will possibly need to contact the publisher who manages the rights for the compositional on behalf of the artist, again, if they have a publishing agreement, if not, its likely back to the artist again for that permission.

But how do you find who to get in contact with?

Well if you are seeing the track online you might be able to get in contact through the website you are viewing. Alternatively, if you know the track is well known, a popular track that say, has been in the charts, you will need to get hold of someone who probably knows who to contact and who can negotiate a reasonable price for you.

Listed below are the top clearance agencies currently covering off a large proportion of the music industry. Before contacting them, check the track out on iTunes® or Shazam® to get more information. Possibly a record company name at least that will help a clearance agency understand if they have the right contacts to help you. Discuss at the earliest opportunity your expectations for price; if you have $20 in your pocket you might want to forget this idea if you are looking to gain permission to produce and sell your own version of a track.

Lastly, there is a lot of legal detail around music licensing and this article does not cover every eventuality including where cover versions have already been produced which may mean you can automatically produce a track for commercial use. The details around this are beyond the scope of this article and you will need legal assistance to move ahead.

Music Clearance Agents

Evan M. Greenspan, Inc. – EMG Music Clearance

DMG Clearances, Inc.- Music Clearance Provider

All rights clearance – Copyright clearance – Music Clearance – Film …

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How To Create Your Own Audio Production On A Budget; Part Three

Posted: December 2013 in tutorials

In part two of our article series about creating your own audio productions we covered preparation and script writing. In this article we talk about your recording and the equipment you will need (not that much!).

Fortunately, with modern computers you probably have the machine you need in your home today that can do a lot of the production work for you.

Forget CDs, Make Things Easier With Downloads.
Most modern computers will have a drive that can burn (i.e. record to) a CD. It with the extra flexibility of the mp3 audio file format and a location online to store and download there is no need to use CDs for distribution anymore. Even at events where you might want to sell CDs customers may be put off by the clumsiness of extracting a CD music file onto their own mobile phone or MP3 player. With a well crafted business card or business flyer you can now add a QR code or a written simple website link to direct customers quickly to a download location.

In fact here at Ambient Music Garden we are now offering free hosting of your audio productions for download. Give us a call and we can give you a simple link along with the QR code image to add to your print advertising and we will host your production indefinitely.

Getting Your Voice Recorded; The Microphone
Preparing for recording your voiceYou will need a way to get the audio from your voice into the computer from a microphone. Laptops are usually equipped with microphones however they will not provide a high enough quality for this project so you will be looking for something more professional. You will need a computer with one free USB port. A USB port is a socket that is used for many common items now such as keyboards, printers and mice. This will more than likely be your way in, although you may have a special audio card in your computer that has a more microphone friendly socket available. Look for a 1/4 inch jack, or a stereo stereo mini jack.

However, to simplify things you can quite easily get hold of a decent USB microphone with an integral stand that will do a great job for you.

Although USB microphones won’t provide the quality of a studio microphone, you can still gain a good quality recording if you can ensure that the audio signal from your voice is recorded well and the room you are in is chosen for its suitability. More on this later.

Microphones is a very complicated subject, too involved to go in depth here other than to say that you do not need to obtain a high quality microphone that is designed for vocal recordings in music. Your requirements are more basic and come down to a fairly simple microphone suitable to dictating. Nowadays there are microphones that connect straight to computers using the USB socket. This eliminates any need more mixing desks to be hired or purchased and so rely on the software that receives the audio signal to control the volume and perhaps can also adjust the sound in a number of ways to improve its quality.

The Audio Editing Software.

The next thing is the audio recording and editing software. Now this can be very complex, and you can spend hundreds of dollars purchasing software. However, to make things a lot simpler for you, and to save you lots of time and money, I would recommend you at least start off by downloading the free audio production software called Audacity at: . This software is highly regarded and has almost all of what you will ever need for your project. Its pretty amazing this software is free and is a great piece of news for someone looking at a list of expenditure before they even get to see a return for their project.

Free software may be included with your audio card, or even with your microphone. The possibilities are varied however keep your mind focused on the objective, i.e. to get the audio from the microphone to a piece of software in your computer that can hear that audio coming in, and record it for you. Borrowing a microphone from a music friend may cause more problems because professional music microphones usually have plugs that normally need a mixing desk to power them and so the plug and socket combination will not work with your computer. So, it is best to check out your local computer store to ask for a reasonable or high quality dictation microphone.

Once you have the recording achieved (which I will discuss later) you will have the opportunity to add more bass, or more treble to your voice to make it work better with the music you use and sound better. The bass and treble are functions of the audio process called equalisation or ‘eq’ for short. This is part of the post recording work you will want to do to get your production sounding as best you can.

More details in part five on equipment and will be creating some short videos where more detail is requested by readers.

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Free Guided Meditation Script

Posted: November 2013 in tutorials

Free Guided Meditation ScriptThe following was commissioned by Ambient Music Garden using the Fiverr service. Please feel free to use the guided meditation below to get you inspired to create your own guided meditation productions. We are also creating a small tutorial series to cover off all you need to complete your own productions for sale using our background music. The start of the series is located here.


This script will guide you to take a relaxing walk. A walk not just in your mind, But actual physical walk to relax you mind and body. In this script, I will describe going outside for a walk but you may walk indoors as well. You can walk on the spot, on a treadmill, back and forth in a room, around the block, as per your convenience

You should wear comfortable clothes and a supportive footwear.


Throughout this exercise, please do not forget to monitor your body. Stop or ease up if you experience pain or discomfort. Keep all physical movements gentle, smooth and relaxed.


Now, begin by preparing yourself for a relaxing walk.


Standing still in one place, take a deep breath in, and exhale.

Raise your arms above your head as you breathe in again… and lower your arms as you breathe out.

Breathe slowly, deeply, and naturally as you do a few gentle stretches.


Keep your legs straight and bend forward. Place your hands on your knees. Feel the stretch in the back of your legs. Stretch further by placing your hands on your shins (the front of the leg below the knee). reach down all the way to your ankles if you are able. Hold this stretch.


Slowly return to an upright position. Shake your right leg gently, shaking out the tension. Shake your left leg.


Raise your arms out to the sides at shoulder height. Keep your arms straight out beside you, now turn your body slightly at the waist to look to the right. Face forward again. Now turn at the waist to face slightly to the left. Return to centre.


Now lower your arms, and shake them gently to shake out the tension.


Gently stretch any areas that feel especially tense.


When you are ready to proceed with your walk, go ahead and begin. Walk at whatever pace is comfortable for you. Not too slow…. but not rushing either. Walk comfortably.


Focus your attention on the rhythm of your steps.


Left foot…. right foot…. left…. right….


Allow this rhythm to soothe and relax you.


Continue on this relaxing walk. Enjoy the movement of your body. Feel your body becoming energized as your muscles move. Feel your limbs moving.


You can meditate as you walk by focusing your attention again on your footsteps. Count your steps as each foot touches the ground. One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four…..


As your attention wanders, direct your focus again to your footsteps…. one, two, three, four….


Continue to focus on your footsteps.


Feel your energy increase with each step. When each foot touches the ground, feel the energy rising all the way from your feet, up through your legs… your hips… body… arms…. all the way to the top of your head.


The slight vibration when your foot lands on the ground serves to increase your relaxation and help you feel calm and energized.


Your legs feel strong, supporting the weight of your body. Notice the slight weight shifts that allow you to walk. From heel, to the front of your foot, and then transferring to the heel of the other foot, the front of that foot… back to the first foot…. notice these weight shifts.


Notice the ever-repeating pattern of your steps. It is almost as if your feet are a wheel, rolling and rolling. One part contacts the earth while the other part is in the air. If time slowed down, you would notice that almost imperceptibly the weight shifts from one part of the wheel to the next, and the next, and the next…. until what was the bottom of the wheel is now the top. No part of the imaginary wheel…. and no part of your feet… remains on the ground for long before transferring the weight to another part of your feet. Continuous motion.


Continue the relaxing walk.


The motion is very relaxing. Imagine the rhythm of your feet…. it is like waves… flowing in and out…. ever repeating….


Allow your breath to flow smoothly, also ever-repeating like waves… in…. and out…. in …. out…..


Hear the sounds of your footsteps. This is a calming and relaxing rhythm…. just listening to this repeated beat. Notice all the repeated rhythms… footsteps… heartbeat… breathing…. this smooth cycle of rhythms that allows you to proceed forward at a leisurely walk.


Turn your attention now to your surroundings. Notice the environment around you…

The lights. The surface you are walking on…. The temperature…. The colours around you, Sounds, Smell. Enjoy your surroundings.


If you are outside, take a leisurely walk back home.

If you are already at home, Prepare to proceed to the next step.


(Keep your attention focused on this meditation. Do not break the focus by talking to someone or by doing some other work during the meditation process. This might break your continuity and you concentration)




Drink a glass of water. Change clothes if necessary.


Sit down now. Make sure you sit comfortably and lie back. After you are comfortably seated, Prepare to feel energised, relaxed and at peace while you imagine a beautiful soothing walk along a beach.


For a few moments allow yourself to take several nice, long, deep breaths. Notice the cool air coming in, filling your lungs, and the soothing warm air going out. Just let all your thoughts float away as you bring your attention to your breathing… in and out. You might mentally scan your body and notice if you’re holding any tension in your muscles. If you are, just gently let all that tension melt away with every out breath…. bring your attention to your breathing, in and out…. in and out… let yourself feel more and more comfortable sitting where you are.


In your mind’s eye you see yourself descending down a long, narrow, wooden stairway towards a beautiful, inviting beach. Your bare feet feel the rough weathered steps, and with each step, you feel more and more tension gently melting away from your body. As you continue down the stairway, you notice how the bright white sand stretches down the shoreline as far as you can see. The ocean is a deep shade of blue with the fine white crests of the waves sweeping towards the shore. You reach the end of the stairway and step down, sinking into the warm soothing sand. As you rub the sand lightly between your toes, a soothing sensation of relaxation gently melts through your entire body. The roaring sounds of the sea’s surf, the waves crashing over each other, calms your mind and allows you to feel even more relaxed.


You begin walking slowly towards the edge of the water and notice the warm sun on your face and shoulders. The salty smell of the sea air invigorates you, and you take in a deep breath… breathe slowly out… and feel more relaxed and refreshed. Finally, you reach the water’s edge and you gladly invite the waves to flow over your toes and ankles. You watch the waves glide smoothly towards you, gently sweeping around your feet, and the trails of sea water that flow slowly back out again. The cool water feels soft and comforting as you enjoy a few moments allowing yourself to gaze out on the far reaching horizon. Overhead, you notice two seagulls gracefully soaring high above the ocean waters, and you can hear their soft cries becoming faint as they glide away. And all of these sights, sounds, and sensations allow you to let go and relax more and more.

After a moment you begin strolling down the beach at the water’s edge. You feel a cool gentle breeze pressing lightly against your back, and with every step you feel yourself relaxing more and more. As you walk down the beach you notice the details of sights and sounds around you, and soothing sensations of the sun, the breeze, and the sand below your feet.


As you continue your leisurely walk down the beach, you notice a colourful beach chair resting in a nice peaceful spot where the powdery soft sand lies undisturbed. You approach this comfortable looking beach chair, then you sit down, lie back, and settle in. You take in a long deep breath, breathe slowly out, and feel even more relaxed and comfortable resting in your chair. For a few moments more, let yourself enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful day on the beach. And, when you feel ready, you can gently bring your attention back to the room… still letting yourself feel nice, alert, refreshed, relaxed, and invigorated sitting wherever you are.

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Guided Meditation: An Introduction

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Guided Meditation

The following was commissioned by Ambient Music Garden using the Fiverr service. Please feel free to use the guided meditation below to get you inspired to create your own guided meditation productions. We are also creating a small tutorial series to cover off all you need to complete your own productions for sale using our background music. The start of the series is located here.

Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon something, which helps us to increase self-awareness and helps us to keep ourselves healthy and energetic. It relaxes and soothes our mind and body. Meditation and Relaxation helps us to boost our energy level, keeps us healthy, relaxes our mind, improves our concentration and keeps us active and happy.

Well. Before we start with a simple breathing relaxation technique, Lets us follow a few basic instructions for best results. Dim the lights of your room. Drink a glass of water. Sit down now,letting your arms rest at your sides.

Imagine a beautiful red rose right infront of you. It smells absolutely great. Feel how breathing can relax your mind, take slow deep breaths. Try to feel the sweet fragrance of the rose, breathe in, hold your breathe, breathe out, very slowly. Breathe in again, hold on….. Breathe out. Keep breathing deeply and slowly. Place one hand on your chest and one hand on your stomach. Feel both of your hands moving in as you breathe in… and down as you breathe out. Feel your hands moving with your chest and stomach, gently moving in and out with each breath. Now rest your hands at your sides as you notice the ways you can breathe. Continue. Breathing in and out.

Now sit down with your legs crossed at your sides. Warm up your palms as you rub them together. Keep rubbing your palms as you feel them slowly warming up. Keep rubbing and count. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.

Close your eyes. Keep your eyes closed as you put your warm palms on your eyes! Each palm on each of the two eyes! Feel the warmth of your palms on your closed eyes. Relax yourself, as you count till 5. 1 2 3 4 5. Remove your palms from your eyes and keep them on your lap. Please Keep your eyes closed! Warm up your palms again by rubbing them together. Count A to E slowly as you keep rubbing your palms together. Now put them again on your eyes. Cover your eyes with your palms! Count 1 to 10 as you cover your eyes with your palms and relax. Keep your eyes closed! Please Begin counting. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. Keep your hands on your sides now.

Relax! Lets your mind lose! Keep your eyes closed! Breathe in deeply, hold on for 2 seconds and breathe out the tension in your body.

Continue breathing in and out deeply and try to feel relaxation beginning at the bottom of your feet. It might feel like stepping into a warm bathtub. or it may feel like a tingling sensation, or simply calm and loose. Allow the relaxation to spread over your feet, and up to your ankles.
Feel the relaxation rising above your ankles, flowing up your lower legs, to your knees, continuing up to your upper legs.
Allow the relaxation to continue to spread throughout your body, rising now to your hips and pelvic area.. to your stomach and lower back to your chest and upper back.

Let your upper arms relax, your elbows, lower arms, and wrists, feel the relaxation spread to your hands… relaxing the palms of your hands, the back of your hands, each finger and thumb, your hands feel pleasantly warm, heavy, and relaxed.
Feel your body relaxing further as the area by your collar bones widens and relaxes, allow your shoulders to ease back slightly.
Allow your upper back to relax even further, let your shoulders relax, and your neck,
Feel the relaxation continue to spread to your chin, the back of your head, your mouth, your cheeks, nose, eyes,
Feel your eyelids, heavy and relaxed.
Notice your eyebrows relaxing, your ears relaxing, and your forehead,
Your forehead feels cool and relaxed,
Let the relaxation spread further to the top of your head,
Your entire body now is relaxed and calm. Feel the relaxation flowing throughout your body, from your head to your feet.
You can relax even further as you let your spine relax completely. Starting where the top of your spine meets your head, feel the relaxation, feel the muscles giving up their hold and relaxing.
Feel the relaxation spread down your spine,down your neck, upper back, middle back, and lower back, all the way down to your tailbone at the bottom of your spine,
Notice all of the muscles of your back relaxing completely,
Feel the relaxation flowing throughout your body.
Breathe in, now hold that breath. And relax your muscles totally, allowing the breath to flow gently out your nose or mouth.

Take another deep breath, breathing in relaxation,

And release the breath. Breathe out any remaining tension.

Continue to breathe smoothly and slowly as you mentally scan your body, looking for any remaining tension.

If you notice any tension, focus on that area. Direct the relaxation to flow into that area, and then carry the tension away.

Imagine that the air you are breathing can cleanse your body and remove tension. Imagine that each breath in carries relaxation. Picture the tension in your body leaving with each breath out.

Now simply relax, calmly, enjoying the feeling of relaxation for a few moments. Feel every part of your body getting relaxed. Your arms and legs are very loose and relaxed. Relax. Close your eyes.

LIE down now. Relax. Loosen your legs. Loosen your Hands. Loosen you body. Close you Eyes. Count 1 to 10 In your Mind. Keep your eyes closed. Start counting. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Breathe in deeply. Breathe out.

Now IMAGINE yourself entering a forest. A dense forest full of tall strong trees. Trees in different shades of green. It a deep forest. Look up. You cannot see the sky properly. It is deep dark inside. The dense canopy of trees have blocked the top of the forest. See the soft shades of faded lights filtering through the top branches, Notice the faded lights coming through the large trees.

Breathe as you imagine yourself breathing the earthy smell of the wet grounds of the forest. Smell the earthy smell of beginnings and ends. Smell the composting leaves, Imagine yourself walking through the forest deeper and deeper, feel the branches touching above as you walk below them, the crackling branches as you walk through, See the lush green meadows hidden in the folds of the forest.

See the mosses growing on the thick trunks of the trees, Observe slowly and sharply the shiny little droplets of water dripping from large leaves, Water trickling through the little creeks, Notice the ferns below as you walk deeper inside. The little shrubs and the small flowers growing in them.

Red and pink and maroon. Rich dark colours. Hear the continuous buzzing of the insects, the sweet sound of the birds, the sound of the soft pleasant breeze. Feel the quietness, the coolness of the forest. Walk through deeper and deeper. Now you can see a huge rock, A huge dark rock covered with thick green moss blocking your way. Move slowly and cautiously through the side of the huge rock. It’s a very uneven stony path. Walk carefully as you try to reach the other side of the stone. Walk through.

Yes! & wow! You see a beautiful lake ahead! A large clear beautiful lake with water shining like diamonds in the sunlight. You can now see the skies! The deep blue skies above you! Walk by as you reach closer and closer towards the lake. You are close to the lake now. See the ripples of water caused by the soft azure wind. Smell the fresh air around. See the fishes jumping out of the water and going back in.

Observe the Lake now. The lake is full of leaves. Large Coloured leaves. Notice each colour separately. See the Red leaves. See the rich red colour of the red leaves. See the green ones. The blue leaves. The orange leaves. Yellow leaves. Pink leaves. Violet leaves. See all the leaves. Red. Pink. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Now notice at the middle the lake! There in the middle is a huge white Lotus blooming with all glory. See the lotus! Observe it carefully. See its beautiful white serene petals. Observe the delicate flower swing slowly by the blow of the gentle soft breeze. See the flower sharply!

You are sleepy now! The pleasant lush colourful landscape, the beautiful scenario, the winds, the ripples of water, the lakey smell. They all are making you feel dizzy. Feel sleepy! You are sleepy now! Very sleepy! You want to fall asleep now! Deep asleep! Close your eyes! Relax your body and Prepare to fall asleep now. Count in your mind as your are falling asleep very slowly! Very slowly! Count unhurriedly and calmly in your mind! 1 2 3 4 5 6, Keep on counting till you fall asleep.

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How To Create Your Own Audio Production On A Budget; Part Two

Posted: November 2013 in tutorials

In the first part of our new guide to producing your own audio productions we said if you are entering the field of product creation for the first time, learning how to create a product with the minimum of risk involved in terms of costs is very attractive.

Here’s How:


voice over recording producingBefore you rush into this, are you sure you know what your objectives are? are you trying to offer a complimentary CD with your voice over for clients to take home to use as part of your service? or are you offering a completely new range of products to sell to existing clients, and also to new clients that may, through the use of your CD be interested in booking some time with you? These questions will need to be considered for you to understand what of your services to record and for what audience. You will also need to consider the way in which you want to deliver your product. Are you planning to create a physical CD that you will sell or give away to clients, or to sell at special functions and events.

Alternatively are you planning to sell your therapies via the Internet to gain access to new wider reaching markets. CD production comes with some challenges as does offering audio recordings for sale and subsequent download. Each will be described below.

The product: your very own audio creation.

Once you have decided on the product your first step is to create the script. Even if you are a passionate improvisor I would recommend initially to at least create some bullet points because if you are going to be recording yourself, you will need to be keeping an eye on a few things at once, which may challenge your attention to the task in hand.

Create a script in a book or paper that you can prop up somewhere whilst recording, preferably so that you can keep your hands free.

Consider an introduction that explains who you are and your website or other contact details. You never know who may listen to the production and may be keen to get in touch with you.

Work out the duration the script needs to be. Think about spaces where you might have asked the listener to spend some time thinking. Consider the flow of the script, does it have a beginning, a middle and an end?

We have some free meditation scripts here at Ambient Music Garden that are free for commercial use if you need some help to get yourself started. Here is a link to the free guided meditation script for your own production.

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How To Create Your Own Audio Production On A Budget; Part One

Posted: November 2013 in tutorials

Old-fashioned MicrophoneHow To Create Your Own Guided Meditation CD On A Budget

Introduction: Why Create Your Own Production?

Many therapists and healers are now creating CDs of their therapy to either sell or compliment or promote developing their services. By producing a CD or just an audio file for download you can add additional revenues that compliment your existing business.

By partnering with a royalty free music publisher like Ambient Music Garden and gaining the right license you will be able to sell your audio therapy, be that a guided meditation or something more personal to your own services with a musical background that compliments your voice and your therapy.

However, the costs and technology involved in doing it all yourself can be overwhelming. Creating a quality audio production requires an understanding of how to record and edit audio.
Alternatively by hiring the skills of a sound engineer and studio time brings the issue of large up front costs for a project that may take a long time and many sales before any profit is seen.

These issues can be avoided by focusing on a simple starter project with minimal cost and knowledge required.

Please take a read through of our basic introduction to creating your own audio production here (in five parts) to get an idea for how you can create your own voice over recording without the costs associated with expensive studio time. With the cost of quality USB microphones now becoming affordable, plus a little preparation before recording you can get yourself as many audio productions as you can imagine without costly studio engineering time.

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Offering Affordable Production Services: We Can Mix Your Productions

Posted: November 2013 in Music News

Ambient Music Garden is now opening up its production studio for clients with production requirement.

With the reduction of costs here at Ambient Music Garden we can now offer a number of great options for helping you more with your audio productions.

See our production services here.

custom voice over mix and masterMaster and Mix In Your Voice-Over Audio File To Our Tracks

If you can create your own voice along with your own script (or choose one of our free scripts here) we can:

Master your audio file (background noise, hiss, pop and flutter) and
mix in with a track of your choice. Please note, not all tracks are available in WAV format.

Order today here:

custom arrangementsPurchase A Track To Your Exact Length Requirements

Rearrange a track to match the length of your production (Kesseny tracks only). We will create a completely new arrangement, this isn’t just looping the track to extend it longer.

Order today here:

and finally:
custom binaural or nature sounds mixed inAdd Nature Sounds or Binaural Beat to Mix

Add binaural beat to the flow and length of the production. Please note you will need a complimentary/product license to resell tracks with a nature sound or binaural beat overlaid on them if we or anyone else adds the binaural beat to the track. This is because these extra layers are not additional foreground production additions as is the case with a voice over production.

Order today here:

If you are interested but need some advice on recording your own voice please see our article here on how to create an audio production on a budget located here (part one).

If you are ready to purchase the production please:

1) select the music of your choice and the license (available with the production music license or complimentary license),
2) choose additional services such as a custom track duration,
3) add binaural beats option to the mix for increased effectiveness.

See our production services here.

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What Did The CD Ever Do For Us?


I bumped into a friend the other day who was leaving a supermarket with a pack of blank CDs. He wanted to burn a collection of music albums onto CDs for use in his van to keep him chilled whilst on long delivery journeys. We both agreed that CDs were awkward archaic things and that the world is a better place now we have less use for them along with DVDs as the world uses more flexible storage technologies such as flash drives and networked storage.

Until only recently CDs in cars meant trying to change an album as you travel, or being fixed to those tracks on CDs already stored in multi CD players in the boot of you car or under a seat, both ultimately resulting in less choice for long journeys than a modern day mp3 player. For those of us who can plug their mobile phone music or mp3 player into their car hifi, can you imagine returning to the days of reaching for the glove box to change an album whilst keeping an eye on the road ahead?

It seems to me that music systems in cars have been a little slow to develop alternatives to CDs. Initial mp3 plugin solutions meant systems for connecting mp3s would be obsolete as soon as the device manufacturers decided it was time to change proprietary plug designs. However, with Bluetooth becoming a choice for streaming audio to your car hifi, or devices to stream over fm radio, (and maybe even wifi within cars?) we now have a number of open solutions to enable users to bring their music libraries along for the ride & easily connect to car sound systems.
But looking back, let’s be honest, CDs didn’t really add much value over a tape cassette in the first place did it? Sure, audio quality might be better (subject to the rest of the technology involved in creating the analogue output) but CDs weren’t designed for the harsh conditions found in the average family transporter and so many a CD would find it’s surface scratched whilst tape cassettes were reasonably well designed to protect the delicate magnetic tape.

So I have to ask, what has the CD ever done for us?

My friend and I agreed we weren’t that enthused by the CD’s arrival; albums and artwork became a lot smaller and so there was less art for the same or more money. I recall the record labels insisting on higher prices for CDs even though the manufacturing costs were lower. Then there is that particular pain of ‘rolling your own’ in terms of creating CDs for your car because you knew the originals were so expensive you didn’t want them destroyed in the passenger’s footwell. The technology for burning, I have always found, was only occasionally successful in burning a usable CD whilst the various formats for CDs only increased the confusion and failure rate.

So, for my friend and I, the CD wasn’t a welcome new problem solving technology, and as we gladly see the decline of the CD as a major way to purchase music, it continues to show itself as a cumbersome item that most would rather now avoid and now we can purchase, download and sync to our music devices.

Ironically now for me, the only reason I would purchase a cd is for the album artwork which was the same reason I resisted CDs in the first place.

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