Awaken Serenity

Awaken Serenity presents the compositions of Morwenna, a self-taught composer currently living in Canada.

With 10 years experience, and a love for combining unique sounds, effects, and textures, my goal is to affect the listener in a positive way.

I acquired a love of music through listening to and learning from other composers and musician friends.

I compose for my own pleasure and serenity and I hope to convey this to all listeners.

With sampled and acoustic instrumentation, including various ethnic influences, voices & sound effects I work to achieve a rhythmic atmospheric ambiance.

Hints of melody are placed on a bedtrack to create points of interest, while at the same time the tracks maintain an atmosphere which allows the listener to focus on tasks.

The sounds in the music are chosen specifically either to help with focus, relaxation, visualization, meditation, or just to create fun upbeat background ambiance.

I feel the music can be used for many different settings and has the potential to enhance an environment.

Awaken Serenity
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